11/12 Violin Results

Logan Roeling 8th chair (all-state)

Keven Li 14th chair

Peter Podar 31st chair

9/10 Violin Results

Reina Coffee 9th chair (all-state)

Nick Podar 10th chair (all-state)

Caitlin Pendley 17th chair

Roxanne Farahi 25th chair

Anshra Ajaz 26th chair

Quinlin Russell 29th chair

Connor Melton 33rd chair

Robert Vogt 36th chair

9-10 cello Results

Amelie Nagle- 9th chair

Andy Lee- 8th chair

11/12th cello Results

Julia Steed- 9th chair

11/12 Bass Results

Sam Hensley 9th chair

11/12 Viola Results

Selena Piercy 2nd chair (all-state)

Levi Parish 7th chair

9/10 viola results

Thora Spence 4th chair (all-state)

Jonathan Bonamarte 6th chair

Sidney Ozcan 8th chair

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